Christmas Charity 2017

For 9 years, we have been supporting a project to improve the sanitary conditions at schools in Kenya instead of sending out Christmas presents to our customers.
We want to use this opportunity to give you a little overview about the project and what was done during the last year:

Construction of a Sanitation Facility at NGONGOGERI Primary School


Primary school enrolment in Kenya has risen from 5.9 million pupils to over 7.3 million in 2002. In 2008, free secondary education was also introduced, raising significantly the number of students.
Schools are an important agent in promoting the realization of sustainable and hygienic sanitation. The school going population is at higher risks of suffering from poor sanitation. Additionally, the students are losing much of their learning time due to sanitation related complications.

Urine Diversion Dehydration Dry Toilets (UDDT)
Compared to conventional latrines, UDDT’s offer the big advantage that feces are converted into a dry and odorless material. This leads to an odor and insect free toilet which is appreciated by users. Moreover, the risk of water pollution is minimized and the fecal matter can be reused as fertilizers.

The old sanitation facilities at the NGONGOGERI Primary School.

A new UDDT sanitation system was constructed. In line with the objective of having the “would be” users own the facility and become fully responsible, the teachers and the pupils participated at all stages.

The facility implemented at the school is a 10 door UDDT sanitation facility complete with a rain water harvesting facility for hand washing.


The s::can Team wishes you a peaceful and relaxed Christmas time and a Happy New Year!


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