The s::can team successfully completed the 20th WACHAUmarathon

The WACHAUmarathon was held for the 20th time on September 17th, 2017. Nine of our employees took the challenge and split up as three teams of three each. Despite the rain, their team spirit was strong enough to complete the marathon successfully. The relay started at 10 a.m. in Emmersdorf and the finishline was in Krems. Our runners split the relay depending on their strengths whereas the first in the team ran the longest part and the last one the shortest. There were almost 8600 runners taking part in total.


Wachau is known for its scenic riverside which has been listed as a UNESCO world cultural region for 17 years. The tradition of producing wine in this region is around 2000 years old. Many tourists visit the Wachau in order to enjoy the wine and the traditional Austrian “Heurigen”, where vintners sell their newest wine with delicious traditional Austrian food for very cheap prices.

For more information on the marathon, please visit their website.

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