Come and visit s::can at ICA 2017, Québec!

From June 11 – 14, 2017 the 12th ICA takes place in Quebec in Canada.

The IWA Specialized Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA) will provide a forum to exchange methodologies and international experiences on all aspects of sensor technology, instrumentation, control and automation for water and wastewater treatment and transport systems. Specific topics will include sensors and instrumentation, modeling and simulation for control, control systems, detection and early warning systems, diagnosis systems, life cycle analysis, practical experiences with instrumentation and control, internet of things, cyber security, big data and much more.


On June 11 s::can’s owner and president Andreas Weingartner will give an intro speech at the workshop: Spectrophotometry for monitoring of the urban water cycle. For more information about the workshop please click here.

On Sunday, June 12, Andreas Weingartner is going to (co)chair the manufacturer’s forum. More information can be found here.

Come and visit us at our booth!

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