Christmas Charity 2020

December 2020, A year full of challenges and unexpected turns, but also of joy and success lies behind us. This year made us realize even more, how important it is to support and help each other. At s::can we have the tradition of giving to people in need for over a decade. This year we support again an organization that helps villagers in India to fulfill the basic need for water.


We partnered up with ASSIST to make sure that the poorest of the poor in Malyavanthuni Padu get access to clean drinking water. Here is a little overview of the project:

Construction of a second Water Treatment Plant in India
Providing safe water to the people in Malyavanthuni Padu become a major challenge. Therefore, our main goal is to help construct a water treatment plant with reverse osmosis technology that will supply 1000 liters of clean drinking water per hour. This will have a huge impact on the health of the villagers. To make sure that the treatment plan is working properly, an ASSIST colleague will go to the treatment plant on a weekly basis and report back to us.

Many thanks to everyone involved for helping to achieve our vital goal of clean drinking water for the poorest of the villagers in Malyavanthuni Padu, India. If you would like to get more information about the organization, please visit

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