Intelligent. Optical. Online.

Our products measure a wide range of parameters in numerous applications.

Intelligent. Optical. Online.

Our products measure a wide range of parameters in numerous applications. From our very solid-state pH-probe to our highly innovative spectral probes, all our products are developed with the same philosophy in mind: s::can measuring instruments are intelligent, robust and require little or no maintenance. They can be seamlessly integrated with other s::can systems but are also compatible with third-party systems.

Intelligent: All s::can sensors are intelligent, they are digital and have the controller, the brain, built in. They check their health every second and can communicate with the operator.

Optical: If possible, we always use optical methods, since they are just better, more reliable, simpler and more accurate. If no optical method is suitable, we choose the next best alternative.

Online: We make nothing for laboratories, nothing that consumes reagents, nothing with moving parts. s::can is the only real „on-line“ company in the industry that offer an almost complete range of sensors and parameters, and nothing else.

Spectrometer Probes

All s::can spectrometer probes operate using the same measuring principle: Spectrometry. The spectrometer probes are the first and only instruments in the world that can measure optical spectra from 190 to 750 nm directly in liquid media. The substances contained in the medium weaken a light beam emitted by a lamp that moves through the liquid. After contact with the medium its intensity is measured by a detector over a range of wavelengths specific to the application.

Other Sensors

Terminals & Software

With the con::cube, s::can has established a standard for industrial process control terminals. Via a large color display and a touch panel it allows menu-driven, user-friendly communication with all s::can sensors and basically any other digital (RS485) or 4-20 mA sensor of different make, as well as the operation of distributed systems, either via telephone, radio, GSM, or GPRS telemetry: all available in one terminal.

Terminal - con::cube V3


The pipe::scan is a modular sensor system for monitoring drinking water quality in pipes under pressure. It measures up to 10 parameters in one device: TOC, DOC, UV254, Turbidity, Color, Chlorine, pH/Redox, Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure. The water quality data can be sent to any central database via almost any protocol. Multiple pipe::scans are the ideal solution to monitor drinking water at any point in the network.

Monitoring Stations

The fully modular s::can monitoring stations combine s::can instruments to a compact and versatile system. They present a complete solution, as the user only has to connect water supply and -discharge (“plug & measure”) in order to receive at no extra cost a previously unheard variety of immediately available information and parameters.