Jianshan Waste Water Treatment Plant controls the nitrogen removal process and optimizes the carbon source dosage

The s::can system enables the operator to control the nitrification and denitrification process accurately, and to control the aeration as well as carbon source dosage to optimize operating costs.



According to China’s “12th Five-Year Plan” requirements, wastewater treatment plants should meet the discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plants (GB18918-2002) level A. The Jianshan WWTP did not fulfill these requirements. Its discharge standard was level B, due to a missing Nitrogen removal process and thus the Total Nitrogen concentration was too high.  As a result, Jianshan WWTP added a nitrogen removal process. This project was part of a 3 Billion RMB (382 million €) Key Emission Reduction project for Jiaxin in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

s::can’s solution

In order to control the Nitrogen removal process and to optimize operation costs, s:.can’s sales partner Asaint installed a nitro::lyser, an ammo::lyser and a redo::lyser for online monitoring in four SBR tanks.  Key parameters are TSS, pH, NO3-N, NH4-N and ORP. This enables the operator to control the nitrification and denitrification process accurately, as well as to reduce the costs of aeration and carbon source dosage. The system is equipped with automatic compressed air cleaning.


Jianshan WWTP treats a combination of industrial and municipal waste water for the city of Haining. After this addition, the WWTP now covers an area of 143 acres, with a total investment of 117 million RMB (15 million €) and a daily processing capacity of 100.000 m³.  After the completion of the project, COD emissions decreased from 3.650 t/a to 1.825 t/a and NH4-N decreased from 365 t/a to 182 t/a, a reduction of 50% for both parameters. Total Nitrogen (TN) concentration in the effluent decreased to < 15 mg/l. The lower concentration loads helped to improve the quality of the Qiantang River remarkably and became a showcase for upgrading other WWTPs.

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