Continuing access to clean water for Piduguralla, India during COVID outbreak

s::can annually contributes with a substantial donation to a better living situation for people in need. Last year s::can funded the installation of a water treatment plant in India. 3,270 villagers from Piduguralla benefited greatly from having a water treatment plant nearby. See how they manage to have access to clean drinking water while being mindful of the COVID-19 regulations.

Women Empowerment

As stated by our Indian partner organization ASSIST, the habitants of Piduguralla are extremely happy to have continuing access to clean water. Installed in 2019, the reverse osmosis plant supplies 1000 liters of clean drinking water per hour to the growing number of users in the colony. But how does the COVID crisis affect the water supply?

The habitants are aware of the current coronavirus situation and countermeasures are taken to prevent harmful infections that could put the whole village in danger. Therefore, the habitants are keeping distance while waiting in line for clean water. Furthermore, carrying a face mask as well as the use of hand sanitizers are a must in order to reduce the chances of an infection with the coronavirus.

Women Empowerment

Nowadays, collecting water is still considered a women’s job. They are travelling miles while carrying heavy plastic bottles filled with water to make sure their families have access to the most important resource that exists. Also, many girls drop out of school very early in their life to collect water for their beloved ones. Hence, ASSIST has a women empowerment program to encourage women to claim their space in the community.

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