Environmental Monitoring

Applications from river to sea water monitoring


Both national laws and an increasing number of supranational recommendations are prescribing emission limits for reasons of public health. Goal is to monitor and control the rising levels of pollution.

Online Monitoring allows to monitor diurnal variation of different physic-chemical parameters, as well as to detect events from episodic discharges of pollution sources (industrial as well as municipal).

Extreme weather conditions (high and low temperatures, high humidity, floodings), no or little power supply, and remote operation are just some of the challenges in environmental applications. A monitoring system has to be configured smartly to ensure a smooth and cost-effective operation.

Source Water Protection

for on-site measurements

Well designed from the beginning with a robust installation of the probes, the system can also be operated in unmanned stations. In order to ensure efficient power supply, the stations can be equipped with solar panels or batteries.

Maintenance can be reduced to almost zero, as no consumables or chemicals are used and cleaning is done automatically. Finally, by submitting the measuring data automatically to a central database, the costs for visiting the (often very remote) measuring points are kept low.