A Creative Austrian

June 2017 | One of Austria’s industrial innovation heroes, Andreas Weingartner, is featured in the book “Creative Austrians – progressive thinkers for tomorrow’s society”. The book shows in style how innovative ideas can be turned into real-life solutions for everyday problems. Extraordinary personalities tell the story of their ideas and what they did to implement them into business. Curiosity and creativity shall be aroused when reading the book and shall be the main ingredients for innovative companies facing the challenges of a global market.


Andreas Weingartner, owner and president of s::can, is the best example of a visionary pioneer in the water industry. He has dedicated his life to find smart, simple and affordable ways on how to measure water quality in real-time. His vision is to monitor and secure water quality on a large scale, millions of spots worldwide, and have that information available and transparent on the smart phone of every citizen of the world. The s::can founders, headed by Andreas Weingartner, laid the foundation for this vision in the year 1999 by developing the spectro::lyser probe. With this, they found a less expensive, much simpler solution to monitor water quality without using chemicals. Laboratories are not needed anymore, as the data of the measurements are sent directly to computers, smart phones or the cloud. The technology thus allows to closely observe a large area – any body of water, river basins, aquifers, etc. – and to react to any pollution risk by immediately implementing measures to prevent damage to the people and the environment.

One of Andreas Weingartner’s goals is to make water quality measurement affordable for everybody. It should be every human’s right, worldwide, no matter of status, wealth, nationality etc., to drink only water that has been tested, and meets the strict standards of food. Therefore s::can’s R&D department not only constantly works on refining and further developing its products, but also on finding even less expensive product solutions. With the i::scan the first step has been done to make online monitoring of water affordable even for very cost sensitive applications. At s::can, they call it “spectrometry for the people”.

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